Puzzlino for kids

A delightful puzzle game for preschoolers, with sweet graphics and sounds !

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A fun and educative 4in1 puzzle game for kids from 2 years old, with beautiful graphics and sounds. Toddlers will spend hours of fun while learning to recognize shapes, colors and developing memory and creativity !

Each of the 10 offered puzzles is based on a pleasant theme (sea, circus, jungle, …) in which the kid must drag the 4 puzzle pieces (animals, fishes, …) into the right place. With each success, the kids will be rewarded with a delightful animation and a motivating sound.

New puzzles will be added in future versions for free, there are already two puzzles ready just waiting for Halloween and Christmas !

Each puzzle can be played in 4 different game modes :
* Shape mode : target location correspond to the shapes of the puzzle pieces.
* Color mode : target location correspond to the color of the puzzle pieces.
* Memory mode : target location (color or shape) blink during a few seconds then disappear, the kid has to use his memory to remember the right place for each piece.
* Free mode : there is no target location, the kid can liberate his creativity and place the pieces anywhere in the scene (Fishes can kiss each other, the giraffe can climb on the elephant’s back …). You have to click on the arrow to go to the next puzzle.

Puzzlino «Lite» is a demonstration version containing only the two first puzzles, it helps you to try the game before buying the full version.

Puzzlino is optimized for phones and tablets (HD graphics)

Supported languages : English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German.